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Info for Staff

This section is for members of staff of the University of Sheffield. The areas covered in this section include Impact, Internal funding opportunities and Licensing


The impact from excellent research can be realised in many forms. It is the change, influence or benefit that occurs outside academia from research. It occurs when organisations, policymakers, communities or individuals use your research to address issues, improve public discourse and policies, health and well being or increase cultural capital or the economy.

Please find further information on the Research & Innovation Services Impact webpages

If you would like to talk further about Impact please contact your Departmental Director of Impact and Innovation

Department DDII
Clinical Dentistry Prof. Fiona Boissonade
Human Communication Sciences Dr. Ruth Herbert
Oncology and Metabolism Prof. James Catto
Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease Prof. Jon Sayers
Prof. Sheila Francis
Neuroscience Dr. Kurt de Vos
Nursing & Midwifery Prof. Jane Seymour
ScHARR Prof. Sue Mawson
Medical Education Prof. Deborah Murdoch-Eaton

Internal Funding Opportunities

The University of Sheffield has a number of internal funding opportunities. These include:

  1. IP Development and Commercialisation Fund (IPDaC).  Please click on the link to find out further information IPDaC
  2. Knowledge Exchange (KE).  Please click on the link to find out further information KE
  3. Faculty Innovation Funding – for further information on this please contact your designated Business Manager from the Sheffield Healthcare Gateway.  Meet the Team


For further information regarding licensing opportunities please visit the University of Sheffield online licensing portal.  This gives access to ‘click to buy’ intellectual property developed by our researchers.  Please click on the link attached online licensing portal.