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Health Economic Evaluation

Economic evaluations alongside clinical trials

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At the University of Sheffield our health economists have expertise in conducting economic evaluations alongside clinical trials (EEACTs), and undertaking this work represents a major work programme within Health Economics and Decision Science. Most often this is alongside trials managed by the Clinical Trials Unit based within ScHARR. However, we also work alongside researchers conducting trials in other centres around the country.

We have an EEACT working group which seeks to address methodological issues that arise when undertaking economic evaluations alongside clinical trials. Issues that regularly arise when undertaking trial-based evaluations include:

• Missing data and imputation methods;
• Adjustment for between-group differences in baseline characteristics;
• Collecting relevant resource use data;
• Accurately estimating cost implications of new services

The EEACT working group are studying the methodological literature in these and other areas with the aim of drawing up standardised methodological process guides that will ensure consistency between trial-based evaluations – an area where we feel methodological consistency is currently lacking.

HEDS health economists provide expert advice to help researchers to develop and design high quality research proposals via the NIHR Research Design Service for Yorkshire and the Humber, and are also represented on NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Regional Advisory Committees, the NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation Commissioning Board, the NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research Sub Panel, and several Trial Steering Groups. We are therefore well placed to understand the requirements of funders for the economic evaluation aspect of clinical trials.